About Dr. Juliette
Early Years
Born in Los Angeles, I was raised in the San Gabriel Valley.   For 20 years, I studied classical piano and voice.

Being a Mother and Visual Artist

Dr Juliette speaking about Transcendent Art
I decided to settle down and have a family. In 1960 I married and over the years gave birth to 5 children. I loved being a wife mother and homemaker.
While raising the children, I started private painting classes. When I was young, I had always wanted to paint and draw. But my piano, voice lessons, and studies left me with little time.

I loved painting and found the freedom of expression exhilarating. I was able to squeeze in time late at night after the children were in bed to paint. It became my therapy. As an artist I was trained by Joseph and Zdenka Buresh, famed Czech artists. I also studied with Tom Browning, at the Scottsdale Artist’s School.

When my children were in their early teens, I decided that I needed to complete my education. I picked Psychology, because I was extremely interested in human behavior. In 1982 I returned to college and by 1988 I received a PhD in Clinical Psychology. As the years progressed, I continued to paint and join in any kind of creative endeavor that I could find.

Merging Two Careers: Art & Psychology
Over the years, I divorced and remarried. My husband, Vance Becker, is also a Clinical Psychologist. We have practiced together for almost 30 years. As time progressed, we saw a need and benefit by combining art and psychology, which we called Transcendent Art.