Transcendent Art
Merging Art & Psychology

I have practiced psychology together with my wonderful husband, Vance Becker, for almost 30 years. 
A few years ago, we found that there was a need in our practice for a portable method of reducing stress:

○ Anxiety and depression seemed to be very prevalent in our society and a large part of our practice.
○ Therapy and medication would certainly help these and other conditions.
○ There are times when people are distressed and must regroup on their own.

I blended my love of art, music, and my knowledge of human behavior together to produce a series of recordings called “Postcards From Your Mindseye”  Each audio CD uses guided imagery and deep breathing exercises to help reduce stress by taking an imaginary guided journey. The CD’s have been very popular and I received positive feedback from those who said they had helped get them through some difficult times on their own.

Dr. Juliette Becker discusses her art & psychology

Transcendent Art has taken this one step further. I have created original oil paintings and recorded an Audio CD matched to each painting. The viewer is given a guided tour through the painting and beyond.

One sits in front of the painting and listens to my voice guide them on a journey through the painting.

At first, the journey takes you  through what is visible to the eye. As we progress, I guide you through what is not visible but is in the imagination. During this process, I also take you through a series of deep breathing exercises.

These exercises train the viewer to reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and concentration, lower the heart rate, and culminates in a feeling of well being. This results in psychologically preparing the viewer to have the same experience every time they view the painting with or without the audio . It also allows them to return to a state of well being whenever they view the image of the Transcendent Art.

There are four paintings in the Transcendent Series that are offered with an audio CD: 

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My art work is featured in a book available at “Artist’s Block Cured: 201 Ways to Unleash Your Creativity” by Linda Krall and Amy Runyen