Postcards from your Mind's Eye 

Postcard from Your MindsEye by Dr. Juliette Becker
Several years ago, a close family member was getting ready for her daughter’s wedding. It was to be an extravagant affair. For months, I received anxious phone calls from both the mother of the bride and the bride. These phone calls would sometimes last an hour or more and always involved some kind of anxiety or stress about the upcoming wedding day. 

In an effort to continue to help both of them without taking time away from my busy practice, I recorded a CD. It occurred to me that this CD, Postcards from Your Mind's Eye, would be helpful to many people. 

On the CD, I take the listener on an imaginative journey as I instruct them through the process of guided imagery, autogenic training, deep muscle relaxation and deep breathing techniques. I also include an additional track that teaches how to create your own imaginary journey. 

Postcards from Your MindsEye has helped hundreds of people over the years to alleviate stress and anxiety. Juliette Becker, Ph.D

The price is $19.95 plus shipping. If you live in Washington,  a sales tax must also be included.