Even when we are not strictly following our Mediterranean diets, we look up from our dining table and see Vinera Cozzi. Somehow it transports us to a wonderful Italian trattoria where we slowly sip our glasses of red wine, enjoy a meal, and the pleasure of each other's companionship.

The print is of the finest quality we have ever seen. The colors are absolutely brilliant, and the image jumps off the page. We recommend your work to anyone who enjoys fine art.

Thank you for creating such a beautiful work of art.
Heidi and Barry

I absolutely loved Lazy Afternoon and I truly found the art work, guided imagery, and music very relaxing.

Between the challenges of caring for my mentally ill son and everyday life stress, I am finding it harder and harder to relax. It has been recommended that I practice deep breathing exercises and meditate. I understand the benefits of both but frankly, I am not patient enough to follow through. When I have tried to meditate, I fall asleep. 

Focusing on the beauty of Julie’s artwork, while listening to her calm voice guide me through such a peaceful journey was the interactive experience I needed to help me relax. Transcendent Art is the guide that I need to help calm myself.
Elaine Roberts

Dr. Juliette Becker reminds us that we need to focus on managing our stress by not allowing it to take over our lives. 

In listening to the audio recording of Mystic Moments, while enjoying the subtle beauty of her fine art, I was able to visualize and feel deep sensations  of comfort. Her soothing, serene voice, coupled by the visual elements of her painting, helped me to release tensions and gain  a better sense of time management while  feeling more energized. This is an audio set I will turn to, often, especially when I feel  the need to revitalize.
Mary Lu Hunt

Juliette has been a close family friend of ours for years. When we were diagnosed with ALS, her friendship and artwork became a therapeutic part of the way we dealt with such devastating news. Juliette and her Transcendent Art were a unique way for us to find tranquility and hope during such a difficult time. We are eternally grateful for her decision to support our Quest to find a cure for ALS.
Augie & Lynne Nieto